Guess what!!!

Guess What!!! I just got a new puppie!!!! She’s so cue-wt!! Her name is Posh after Victoria Beckham! Ooooh how I luh-v my new puppie!! She’s so tiny! I just want to pinch her (dont worry I would never do that to a dog). You are prob wondering how could I get a dog with my house (condo)? Well they just made a new rule about dogs! Beckham isn’t very happy about the new puppie but he will be ok soon.

Well going over Mass’s house to party plan some more and to show her my new puppie!!

(PS. I changed my signature. You like?)
My new Puppie!!

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Paris Updates!!

Wow! That’s awl I have to say! Paris is ah-mazingly beautiful!! I can’t believe I’m even here!! We got to see so many places like the Louvre which has the Mona Lisa in it!, Carnavalet Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower!, and the Paris Observatory! And don’t forget shopping! I’m having such a great time here I just don’t want it to end 😦

X + O = Kristen

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I’m here!!

Hey everyone! It’s Kristen! Yes the one and only.

I’m going to start blah-ging now! PS-This is my first blah-g so ya! Hope everyone stays tuned cause you in for a treat! 😉

X + O = Kristen!

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